We’re participating in Extra Life 2014, an annual charity event to raise money for children’s hospitals. The event is all-day on October 25th, 2014. We’ll be playing SNES games exclusively, and letting viewers decide on what we play with their donations! Please help us spread the word here on Tumblr (or share the event on Facebook)! $4,500 is our goal, and we can hit it with your help.

Thanks! :D

If you’re considering college or know someone who is, I hope my experiences can help you in some way. College is fun, but debt is scary.

5 Friends + a $1,000 SNES game = fun!

Predictive typing in iOS 8 for the first time, before it learns what you normally say. Oh god.

The face I make while driving.

The face I make while driving.

September: StephenVlog Catch-Up Month

People asked us throughout the year why vlogs were behind, but now more than ever. Why are vlogs so far behind?

If you add up all the time we’ve had away from home (and throw in a few days where people were visiting us and we were entertaining guests), you’d be right around 2 months. We just finished August. That means that we have not been home for one-fourth of this entire year.

Don’t get me wrong—that’s super awesome. And we’ve really enjoyed traveling! But now PAX Prime is over and our trips are officially done. The last 4 months of this year will be spent at home, and we’re kicking off that time by focusing all our efforts on StephenVlog.

There’s a simple reason why things get behind, and it has a lot to do with travel. Check this out:

Before we go on a trip, we throw ourselves at StephenPlays content, always aiming to have enough ready to release one per day while we’re gone. We usually succeed, even during huge trips (we had content every single day we were gone on the roadtrip this summer—19 days). And while it brings sleepless nights and sometimes nearly kills us, we get it done! Then we go on vacation, the LPs continue on their merry way, and vlogs get behind.

Imagine if we weren’t leaving. Imagine that we were 19 days ahead in LPs, and those 19 days were spent working on vlogs. Things would be different, right? Yep.

Viewers get understandably frustrated with the vlog release schedule, but it’s not just them—it’s us as well. Having so much work to do means not taking time to do simple things like watch TV with Mal and relax together when she comes home. Balancing work and personal life is incredibly hard when there’s always so much to be done. That said, we’ve had an incredible year packed with more travel than ever before, so we really can’t complain.

Making promises can come back to bite me in the butt, so I’ll just say that I’m working incredibly hard to make September the month that brings StephenVlog to a “present” state rather than a “past” state. We are also incredibly behind on StephenMail (we have 4 months worth of unopened mail in our spare room—yikes!), but will be handling that once the vlogs are caught up.

As always, thanks for being patient. We truly appreciate all of your support and kind words this entire year, whether online or in person at meetups and conventions. We hope to finish 2014 with a bang, assuming it’s a “regularly caught up on everything” bomb.


Giant riding a dragon in Skyrim. From Stephen Plays: Skyrim #272, coming soon.

Giant riding a dragon in Skyrim. From Stephen Plays: Skyrim #272, coming soon.